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If your trimmer is blowing blue or black smoke from the exhaust, refer to our repair and symptom guide to help you identify and fix your problem. If you are seeing Blue Smoke From Your Exhaust this means that your car engine  17 Jul 2017 Here's what you should know about white, black, and blue smoke. 4) Top off engine (add oil as needed) and leave Rislone Valve Seal Oil Hi there, Just had small service done, new pre cat oxygen sensor, oil and filter. I was careful with it in the first season (in case of glazing) and have done oil changes, last one just last week. I checked the oil level and it was overfilled. I checked the oil level after the last fix and it was filled to the line so I am POSITIVE it was full. Next could be antifreeze when it is being burned it has a sweet type of smell and tends to dissipate in the air rather quickly. No more blue smoke. The VW engine runs hotter than a water cooled engine, and so it gives the oil a harder workout. And is that blue smoke coming out of your tailpipe? Oil leaks are something you cannot afford to ignore. To With a high-hour engine, things like valve seals and piston rings that are worn out can be a cause for excess blue smoke emission from your exhaust. I know that the main cause of blue smoke is due to buring oil. As for oil smoke in a diesel, you shouldn’t expect to see any of that until the engine has many, many hours of run time and is nearing the end of its life expectancy. The smoking was most noticeable when engaging the mower deck at full RPM. What happens is that the piston rings or the valve guide seals or other components of the engine . 0TDI BLB engine 55 plate 87896 miles , it has been into Audi twice now for the same problem: The problem is blue smoke from the exhaust, not when driving fast but if left ticking over for a little time and then revved, also if you hold the revs at 1800 for 30-40 seconds a slight mist appears then if you give it the revs a cloud of blue smoke appears. I knew it was too much by the smoke from the tail pipe and and the struggling of the engine. " It started shooting white smoke out of the muffler! So I changed the oil. 6 conversion engine oil changed by none Porsche experience shop. 4. Not a lot more than if the oil was warm, but a little more. White smoke is produced (generally) when oil creeps into the combustion chamber and burns. Then I gave it some gas and the white smoke and condensation came. Sure the '98s didn't have the fancy exhaust of the '09s, but dire warnings of the effects of an overfill on the cat existed even back then. But, I just sold that car at 190,000 miles and the engine is still fine (body is rusting). Blue Smoke: Blue engine smoke is the rarest type of smoke emanating from a diesel engine. See below the Overfill of engine oil I change the engine oil in my 200tdi Defender on the weekend , I`v over filled it , the oil is covering the danger mark on the dip stick , (fully across the danger sign ) will this be OK or should I remove some oil . Do not overfill. This is If you add 5 qts to the engine after the change you may have overfilled your oil pan. Today I checked the engine oil and it was low on the dipstick. . A friend has just had his 2001 VW Golf 1. Please advise me. 10W-30 motor oil is recommended for general use. When warm it's off the yellow marker and onto the metal. Regarding the overfilling of oil the only problems that I would envisage would be excessive crankcase compression that could cause oil mist to be forced via the breather to be burnt by the engine which might have shown up as blue smoke from the exhaust when engine under load. Unnatural black or grey smoke might also start coming out of the exhaust because of wear on the filter. . Recently, after I had my Bravo 1. (oil foul) this will be How Much Oil Consumption Is 'Normal'? By Rick If engine oil gets in the combustion chamber it will burn, possibly in amounts small enough not to produce telltale blue smoke in the exhaust, but VW tech oil overfill causing massive white cloud of smoke and flashing glow plug Yesterday while driving into the twin cities I was pulling onto an on ramp and my car started to stutter badly. This sounds like you may have an issue with the oil pump or maybe a plugged strainer causing the oil level to accumulate in the tranny, where excess oil will be expelled out the vent. The engine has the old designation, the machine is about 6 years old. Blue Smoke Comes With Transmission Fluid Loss over filling with oil. Check the oil level. : Engine & Oil - Amazon. Brave people can stop the engine by blocking the air inlet, use a plate or pot lid. Underfill by a quart, and you will be fine. Trimmer: Blows Black Smoke From Exhaust . After driving for a couple minutes whitish blue smoke was coming from my tail pipe. A cracked oil ring could also cause high oil consumption. The next morning however, it happened again and then later that evening after sitting most of the day. Now the Oil burns blue smoke, too rich/clogged air filter is black smoke. Over the years I started doing my own oil changes and know those had the proper fills. Oil capacity is 4. This Site Might Help You. black smoke would be a carb issue of to much fuel and not enough air like when the engine is run with the choke on. Pulled out the tiller yesterday~ oil was a bit low so I topped it off per the instructions in the owners manual that says "Engine oil should be to point of overflowing when engine is level. Escaping oil will burn if it gets into contact with heated parts, producing blue-tinged smoke. Also, if you have done some matinence, then you might have mixed up the filtration system. I hope there is a least costly cause. Oil is overfilled: If you recently changed your oil, or had it changed, it's possible you ended up with  If the oil is too low, there will not be enough lubricant and an engine can burn out quickly because any of the causes of the smoke can be disastrous for the car. First thing to do ,is drain your contaminated oil,refill to correct level ,and start engine and see what it does. Blue smoke means oil was getting into the cylinders. Oil pressure readings should be made at idle and 2500 RPM. Another cause of the smoke could be that the oil originally in the engine was a mineral oil but was replaced with a synthetic oil, which has a greater cleaning effect on varnish and soot deposits. Remove the oil fill cap and pour Valve Seal Oil Consumption Repair into Keep to your oil change intervals, check the condition of your turbo at a similar interval to your cambelt and NEVER overfill the engine oil. His S2 is now running as ‘sweet as a nut’, with no smoke and no blinking oil pressure light. Inoperative crankcase breather. com and affiliated sites. The engine doesn't necessarily have to be warmed up, but it seems to do it more hot than cold. As with puddles, these unnecessary emissions aren’t eco-friendly. I spoke with a service writer and he told me that unless the truck was burning more than 1 qt every 1000 miles they wouldnt look into it. Cleaned the air filter. Purchased car in Florida and drove it home to Ohio the following day. Ensure you didn't overfill the mower by checking the oil level with the dipstick located on the  22 Jan 2019 Truly black smoke can be unburnt fuel that's forced out of the exhaust system, but more commonly, it's oil, which is more commonly labeled blue  Blue Smoke At Start up 7 Series - F01 / F02 (2009 - 2015) Situation: The vehicle may consume engine oil above the permissible Overfilling: 8 Jan 2018 When there is too much oil in the engine there is no place for it to go has too much or too little oil. My regular dealer was bought out this past summer and this is the first time I had the C7 in for service with the new ownership. Blue or white smoke coming from your engine usually indicates burning oil, which can be caused by: Overfilling the crankcase with oil. I'm trying to find a quick solution to my intermittent blue smoke problem (well, if I let it annoy me, which unfortunately, I can't help). 5 quarts (check the service manual on the exact amount i forget). Some oil must be removed from the engine by an authorized dealer. Weird but it worked great! boxer engine with too much oil a boxer engine when you overfill the oil? I'm curious, being a Subaru owner myself was it left a trail of blue smoke behind the However, you could be burning some oil. 3) Drive/idle engine for at least 15 minutes to mix thoroughly with oil and activate product to start working. measurement and I started the truck to show the billowing smoke coming out of the Avoiding Overfill. The oil was overfilled. I started it up today and it blew a little bit of blue smoke, like it was burning some oil, and there wasn't a big puddle of water. But could it be possible that it is caused by overfilling the engine? The car has done 136k miles and it's a 2008 model. com. Check out our review of Blue Devil Oil Stop Leak Here. Background: I accidently overfilled the oil by about 1/4 - 1/2 liter just before a 300 mile trip, a couple of weeks ago. If not, make sure that your engine is breathing properly. So far no more blue smoke. Still I wonder how over filling the oil would blow a HG. Operating engine at greater than a 15 degree angle. Once I actually spotted smoke after parking on an incline. Is it dangerous to drive with overfilled engine oil? Overfilling your engine oil can cause serious damages to your engine. Blue smoke is caused by excess lubricating oil within the engine cylinders during combustion. Damaged oil seals. com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases I guess some old oil still in the engine mixed with the new oil. One further function of engine oil is as a coolant for the hot engine parts it contacts. 7 with oil, what happens if you over fill the engine oil in a chevy v8, Too much oil can put pressure on the PCV system, causing it to pressurise and flood oil into the engine where oil isnt supposed to go thus causing cat damage and blocking pipes. " What Makes a Lawn Mower Smoke If you overfill an engine the excess oil can make contact with the crankshaft. 16 Apr 2015 What does BLUE smoke from my exhaust mean? If your car is blowing blue smoke, it's a clear sign that the engine is burning oil. If you carry on running the engine you can get diesel runaway which is very alarming. I do have a rear main seal leak which I have not fixed bc I watch the oil levels closely and I take caution in not to overfill with oil bc I know this is very bad for my engine. Still burning oil - CCV replaced - No smoke at startup/while driving I'm burning through roughly 1 qt. Check oil w/ engine running and warm ww/ car sitting on a flat surface. I've also had a similar issue but it was due to a leaky carb that overfilled my oil with fuel. The world's largest RX-8 owners and enthusiasts community. Did you overfill the engine’s crankcase with oil? Had so much oil (probably about 7 or 8 quarts) in there that it blew out a spark plug. $80 or so. A worn-out engine is likely to be coated in muck. Dealer service adviser states internal oil leak onto engine head, likely requiring engine replacement. White Smoke - Causes and Cures. NOTE: When first filling the oil level on a new engine or changing the oil on a used engine, keep in mind that there may be a few ounces of residual oil still in the crankcase from factory testing or from when the used oil was drained off. I'd want the engine compression tested, I'd want them to check the EGR system to see if it's gummed with oil, I'd want new spark If your car is smoking blue smoke out the exhaust then it's an indication of oil burning in the engine but if it's another color such as white smoke then the cause is not the burning oil. RE: what are bad effect of overfilling engine oil in an engine? In our workshop people are found of overfilling engine oil but we do not know the bad /problems we are likely to face in future. It could be a head gasket or even a intake manifold gasket. At which point you usually get destroyer hiding quantities of blue smoke. Just bought a 2013 WRX with 21K miles on it. Also note DO NOT OVERFILL I let the engine warm up and let some of the excess oil burn off. Search "breathers" on this site. I also own a Detroit 4-53 powered boat. Already replaced the CCV and dipstick tube about 4 months ago. Drive/idle engine for at least 15 minutes to mix thoroughly with oil and activate product to start working. It should cause blue smoke, but it might not. I followed the manual (except heating the engine up all that much) and let it run for a few minutes after draining and re-filling. In either case, an experienced mechanic will be needed to make a definitive diagnosis. Sadly, I don't think your problem has anything to do with an oil overfill. OIL NOTE, 4-Cycle: Be careful not to overfill the oil in a 4-cycle engine. That's a LOT of oil overfilled if it was high enough to seep past the piston rings when you stopped. Extra pressure could also affect the integrity of certain oil seals. So, thank goodness it's white and not blue smoke. All engines already have a means built in to spray oil onto the cylinder walls. Oil spillage over the engine and compartment. If you are seeing Blue Smoke From Your Exhaust this means that your car engine is burning oil. I go today to check the oil since it's been sitting for a while and sure enough too much oil. Stupidly I just filled it up and went on my way. Blue smoke will suddenly appear in a big cloud if your car blows a Turbo. The most common overfill engine oil symptom is white smoke with a blue or grey tint. If the engine is overfilled, the excess oil may get transferred to the air cleaner housing and air filter. The problem with overfilling comes when the crankshaft hits the oil. Earlier this year on another forum I ran across a discussion on making oil. Consequences are identified by a smoky engine with lots of smoke from the exhaust. A mate’s Bentley S2 had a flickering oil light at low revs and clouds of blue smoke from the rear. 500-750mL overfull isn't going to hurt it. oil overfill 1 quart 5. 8T, and the secret is to shut down the engine as soon as the light comes on. if you overfill a diesel engine with oil there’s a fair chance that when its rev’d hard it I overfilled my 13. And it Blown turbo is a probable reason causing blue smoke in cars that have Turbos. Impressed upon her that too much oil isn't a good thing. Or are you  16 Jul 2010 Blue smoke usually means oil in the chamber. If the engine fails to start, no problem, check out my guide - "carburetor cleaning". After all was done, I started my watercraft but after 15 seconds I noticed blue smoke coming from the side of my ski. I have taken out the sparkplug and turned the engine over, but no excess oil cam out - but spark plug was fouled with oil. 5! At this stage no names of the people involved but thoughts on what the excess oil may have caused - no blue smoke, no obvious problems but just curious/concerned. 2. The byproducts of combustion are still getting into the oil system and with clearances such that you are bypassing oil into the combustion of the engine, all the more reason to change the oil. After changing the oil I noticed that it was producing a lot more white or maybe blue smoke than usual. I say this because an overfill can cause this condition, and you can't change the oil too frequently. Incorrect oil grades. Sounds like you overfilled it to me and it's burning off the excess. Bent connecting rods or broken rods that would end up smashing the engine block. In NW Spain a long way from engine supplier. **Update, I just added the extra 1/4qt to the engine and now about 1 qt ,avoid overfilling,crank case pressure will send oil int the carb port and make engine smoke . Soextracted about 1/2 a gallon of oil overfill, which has (1) put me back close to original level of oil and (2) resulted in the dip stick measurement of midway between Low and Full - after about 15 mins of engine running in idle. The smoke from under the hood would be blow-by of compression into the crankcase and out through the vent tube. Could anybody tell me what is the potential danger of the engine oil overfill? Also I have noticed some oil smear around the sump drain plug. Upon checking I found that the oil level was low, so I changed the oil and set her on her way. Blue-gray or gray-white smoke. • If the oil level is below the MIN mark, add enough oil to raise the level within the MIN and MAX marks • The maximum oil level is between the upper hash mark and the MAX mark. No more  It had a giant cloud of blue smoke around it. It's a common problem on the 1. 26 Jul 2019 Overfilling your engine oil can cause serious damages to your engine. Checked the oil level and it was over the full mark. If you have a turbocharged engine, a faulty turbo seal could be causing this, but if you have a more common engine, it’s likely one or more of the following problems: If you have white smoke you may already have damage. Mine does it when not over full and not tiped over, that's the problem. A slightly leaking injector can also cause white/ blue smoke on starting from cold and could cause the slight misfire. I checked the oil and it was a little smeared on the dip stick each time I checked it but confirmed oil was present. Oil Consumption - Blue smoke ?? This is a discussion on Oil Consumption - Blue smoke ?? within the General ZR-7 forums, part of the Kawasaki ZR-7 category; I have about 2500 miles on this oil change and had to add about 1/4 qt to the bike the other day. When a car blows white smoke, check the engine oil dipstick and oil filler  Blue smoke is a clear sign telling your car engine is burning oil. Returned from a 2000 mile trip last week. Think white-water. 27 Feb 2018 Overfilling the engine oil does cause problems to your cars. 5L to 4. It really does not smell very good and is not good for your health to breath in. you may have an internal issue but usually a broken piston or piston rings will burn blue smoke from strait oil burning. After a good hour of wot running it does not do it again. does it leak oil? does it seem to leak lots? if yes to either it doesn't matter it'll soon get rid of it, if it was blowing blue smoke and oil poured out the filler cap then i'd worry. 3,951. Do not overfill the engine with oil. I had a brief puff of blue smoke on day 2 with my 2020. 6 petrol 100ps engine. long story short we put in a total of 5 quarts before noise then 1 more after and noise went away. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon. Some of the parts that should be checked are the gasket, air filter, piston ring and the ratio your oil is mixed. Blue smoke would indicate high oil consumption, clogged breather, oil soaked filter, or worst case, piston ring failure, and/ or seal leakage which would require an engine rebuild. You are told never to overfill the engine oil but I am unsure what problems it causes if you do. An OHV Honda mower would smoke if there was old oil in it or if the last person who changed the oil did not drain it first. 0 TDI, so I bought some engine oil from them (a SEAT dealership) Looking for an engine oil stop leak additive? Check the Blue Devil Oil Stop Leak. I parked it a while and cranked again w/o any signs of smoke. I can't tell if the bike is burning oil or not, as the seller left me a little surprise (yea, it drips from the cover ~10x/minute while the engine is running): I'd expect blue smoke on starting it this was a valve issuebut there's no hint of smoke when the engine is started/ran cold. g16 2000 blue smoke from engine. If there is air in the oil, the pressure will actually get lower because air compresses and liquids don’t. Oil in the cylinders can be a little more tricky. You have to overfill to the point at which the crankshaft dips into the oil. One easy way I check for internal blow-by and cylinder-sealing problems is by removing the oil filler cap while the engine idles. At lower rpm, even if the crankshaft hits the oil, it is just going to fling it up onto other parts including the cylinder walls. That will just encourage oil to seep past the piston excess oil pressure may have broken some seals. However, 1/2 litre over will do you no harm, anymore, do the filter drop, £3 for peace of mind. She then proceeded to drive for approximately 15 minutes before the smoke became too much and the car was struggling to accelerate (no wonder) and limped home. I still have heard the air in the oil story and wouldn't totally discount it. Now gray What Causes Blue Smoke From An Exhaust is an example of an engine burning oil. The other day, the wife came flying over to the shop, yelling that the tractor had blown up. All engines normally consume some engine oil during operation. At worst, if there is too much extra oil on the walls, it can overload the piston rings, then you will see blue smoke out the tail pipe. Again, I was concerned and a little more so than normal. just did some research. The symptoms were very similar, and it's difficult to tell if it's white, light blue, or gray smoke sometimes. www. com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases Blue Devil is one of the best engine oil stop leaks on the market. Air-cooled engines burn about an ounce of oil per cylinder, per hour. Crankcase air leak. i at one point added too much oil, but never had any of the issues you're having now. Checked the engine oil level and it is really hard to see on the dipstick but I think I may have put too much in I think the first thing you need to do is have the level of the oil checked and remove some if it is overfilled. However they noticed blue/ grey smoke coming from the exhaust and when i told then how much oil i put in they rechecked the level and found it was almost 5cm over the max! they drained the excess oil. Are you sure you are burning oil? Can you see blue smoke out the exhaust? How to Change the Oil on an Aircooled Volkswagen (VW) Beetle. Keeping in at 3/4 means a clean engine and driveway. We’ve had the engine cleaned out by the dealership and the car runs much better now but we still see smoke when the car is turned on and occassionally when it idles for more than a few minutes. At worst case, it could be a crack in the head, etc. See also: How to prepare your Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van for winter. You will areate the oil, and starve the engine of both flow, and film strength. It has the dipstick that has a teardrop shape on each end of the scale. I replaced the gasoline just to be safe as the owner had not run the generator for several years. 8L take 3. Certainly if your car burns oil I wouldn't worry, it'll get burnt off eventually. I could smell a bit more stink in the exhaust but there was no more visible smoke. A blown turbo is either the turbo casing has damaged or a broken oil seal in the Turbo. That engine would burn oil Some may say it could be bad piston rings, or valves/gasket issues, but the most likely candidate for smoke based on what you have said is overfill of oil, and/or gas leaking into the crankcase and thinning out the oil and thus overfilling the crankcase with gas filled oil generating a lot of smoke out the exhaust. I advise oil analysis if you have a 4 stroke and have concerns. No smoke. It could be struck rings. Took my C7 in for an oil change Thurs. Hi all Checked the engine oil today and there was nothing on the dipstick! must be losing oil when moving. It isn't oil or antifreeze - it's gas. Problem solved. the sump splitting and I'm wondering if the oil you put in has just run out over the engine causing the smoke and oil puddle A blue smoke condition is typically present when the engine is under load and at first start up after sitting for a few hours. If the blue smoke is accompanied by oil consumption, my guess is that the rings are worn, at a minimum. What goes wrong? As you can imagine engine oil is present all welcome throughout the engine as it lubricates internal parts. He called yesterday and told me that: 1. This is how to fix it. The lack of understanding of something as simple as Oil in the Mk3 forum is amazing. Kohler engines will do that on occasion from oil escaping through the  Could too much oil cause damage or excess breathing? I've also been told that if it's very overfilled the engine can start to run on the oil, and then . a cloud of blue smoke billows out. don't overfill the oil (check with the dipstick out) and when they get on a bit, a little blue smoke from start up is If the oil leak is coming from the bottom of the engine, near the base, it is likely because of a problem in the oil tank or oil sump. Now thats a lot considering this engine barely takes Engine oil also plugs up the extremely thin gap between a seal lip and its sealing surface. Oil overfill. TractorData says that tractor is a 3 cyl diesel. Vehicle has 66,000 miles on it and has been regularly and professionally maintained. She shut it off immediately and I loaded it up to take to the dealer (warranty). White smoke is an indicator of a blown head gasket and/ or moister in the fuel related components. Here is what I have found so far. white smoke (with a blue or grey tint), chances for excess engine oil are high. White smoke coolant, blue smoke oil, black smoke fuel. However, there is a much more serious issue that is not as easy to solve as merely changing the filter. If you see that blue smoke it means that the engine oil is getting burnt too. Engine had terrible blowby, but it's still going strong at 200K. Since it sounds like an intermittent thing, I am going to say that it isn't the timing. Some common symptoms are oil leaks from the engine and blue smoke from the exhaust pipe. This engine had my 20 ounces of oil plus whatever was in it from the factory and ran very blue smoke when I started it up. One way is oil this is normally a whitish blue to blue smoke and has the apparent smell of oil being burned. 1) Turn engine off. It won’t last long, and the best thing you can do is allow the engine to keep running and burn off the excess – turning off the engine just means it will smoke when you start it up again. If extreme it could even hydraulic and prevent the engine from starting. Made an appointment to take in to my dealer, but instead decided to change the oil myself, being careful not to overfill, and using a good quality 0w20 synthetic oil. That's bad normally, but REALLY bad if it's from overfill. I have a 2 year old Cub Cadet with a 27 HP Kohler Courage engine. Would this cause gasket leak? I initially replaced them because I discovered oil pooling around 5 of my spark plugs and the cover gaskets showed signs of minor leak located around bolts & washers even before the infamous oil change. Blue smoke should not be ignored but is common when starting an engine in a cold weather. Blue smoke, not black. Could it come from the excessive oil in the engine or simply from not properly tightened plug. What happens  30 May 2015 blue smoke and black soot, it is a bad fuel combustion, Especially on cold Do you overfill the engine with oil in the last oil change? the gases  1 Dec 2017 Blue smoke is mechanical distress, forming when an engine's own lubricating The oil can also come from an air filter overfilled with oil or an  Blue or white smoke coming from your engine usually indicates burning oil, which can be caused by: Overfilling the crankcase with oil. Pouring blue smoke at idle Built Motor Discussion. Engine Oil OverfillHelp! ChAsteRx7. 3 chevy, overfill oil 6. TOM: Now, there is one major disadvantage to a hot-engine oil change: It hurts! First of all, when you remove the drain plug, if you don't know what you're doing, hot oil can run down your arms. White smoke indicates vaporized water blowing out the exhaust tube. 4L you should be ok, if overfilled it wouldn't be by much. If it blows a lot of blue smoke, then your timing is a little off. If you put way to much oil in for the engine, you may well get loads of white smoke. left it to cool for 15 mins then drove home (6 miles) in eco and had no smoke and engine was sound. I guessing about 500ml left at maximum. Remove the oil fill cap and pour Valve Seal Oil Consumption Repair into engine per dosage chart. If it doesn't burn oil then probably won't affect it, and up to you if you want to drain off for 2 seconds. I drained about 1/2 qt of oil to get it right where it needed to be. Noticed blue smoke underway for first day of season. You must have an oil circulation problem. Next I replaced the fuel pump. Honda Izy mower blue smoke from exhaust. I keep mine about 3/4 up from the add line to the full line. Oil in the cylinders, or retarded timing. After driving for a couple minutes whitish blue smoke  15 May 2019 And the reason for blue smoke i the engine oil is burning in the combustion chamber. Drain the oil out and fill with 1. This smoke should not be confused with White Smoke you will see when a car first starts up. If you do see blue smoke, here are some of the possibilities. This problem is usually caused by either: A worn-out engine. Neighbor lady What are the risks of overfilling a small engine with oil? The effect of the overfill was to blow oil, both in liquid and smoke form, through the muffler like Smoking Engine or Exhaust. If your car emits too much white smoke (with a blue or grey tint), chances for excess engine oil are high. They thought maybe there was an overfil of oil which caused this. Burning Oil? Did I overfill? (Added 1 qt after a dry dipstick pull @2500 miles) was quite a bit of white smoke coming out of my exhaust while it was idling after Buy Rislone 4447 Compression Repair with Ring Seal - 16. Reinstall cap. blue smoke from tail pipe, etc. I had no power and it felt like the car was missing. There is no smoke or anything that is typical of oil on a manifold. Blue smoke came out and the engine quit. Buy Bardahl 2117-CS No Smoke + StopLeak - 16 fl. Oil levels above this range may cause engine damage. what i did might cause over pressure to the engine due to heat expansion of I drained the old oil and replaced it with half a quart of 10W-30 4 Stroke Oil. After the first I did an oil change, myself, making sure not to overfill. You can drain the oil by opening the drain plug that is just beneath the engine mount. You may find your car emitting too much white smoke which is the result of burning an excessive oil that creeps into the combustion chamber. For future reference, I believe the 06-09 Civic 1. 5 hp tucumsah tractor engine (model OV358EA) with oil. I have had my tank seals replaced by the dealer, but the smell is still there and just as strong as ever. The oil pump speed is directly proportion al to the rpm of the engine, so the faster it rotates the more oil it tries to pump between bearing and shaft then the resulting higher pressure at higher rpm. Slowly take the motor up to 4 grand (unloaded), and back down to idle a few times. Or turn it over" I could live with that because its an easy fix, don't over fill and don't crash. Dangers of Overfilling While it may not seem like a big deal to overfill the oil in your car, it can cause major malfunctions and potentially cost you thousands of dollars. Similarly, it seals up the gap between piston rings and cylinder walls. It starts fine, runs fine. C) Both A and B D) None of the above STP® Smoke Treatment is designed for petrol engines to provide a thick oil cushion to help fill gaps, created between the cylinder walls, piston rings valve guide seats on worn engines and reduce oil blow-by and smoking. Recommended oil pressure is 1 PSI for every 1000 RPM. You will still get smoke out the back for quite some time until the excess oil burns out of the muffler. I felt obligated to answer this because I saw many answers I did not agree with. This chamber must stay as oil free as possible to If none are heard, allow the engine to warm up and check for overheating, coolant loss, oil in coolant, smoke, etc. Top off engine (add oil as needed) and leave Rislone Valve Seal Oil Consumption Repair in the CLK oil overfill Discussion in ' Its not good for the engine to drive with too much oil. any ideas anyone Persistent blue smoke means your engine needs a professional overhaul. If you drove your car and it didn't smoke your prob. Being ASE certified in the category of engine repair and engine performance, I can tell you why overfilling your car with oil is very bad and can damage the bearings To remedy engine oil overfill in your car, you must first verify that the engine oil is actually overfilled and then drain the excess engine oil from your vehicle's oil pan. Took it into European Automotive here in Atlanta. Bit too much oil in the car The plumes of blue smoke resembled something out of wacky races. We purchased a car close to a year ago that at some point had the oil overfilled. and excess oil could be puked out of the crankcase breather back into your airbox. The oil pump is supposed to store the oil in the frame, creating a dry sump in the XR400's. Since it moves so fast, it can turn the oil from a liquid into a froth that the pump is no longer able to siphon and distribute. When this is the case, the oil will then burn off, creating smoke. no telltale blue smoke. i did this once on a motorcycle which tended to ‘wet sump’ (the oil normally carried outside the engine, leaked into the engine overnight) every time I checked th Overfilling engine oil can raise the level of oil in the pan to the point where the crankshaft starts to make significant contact with the reservoir. 5 liter is just the corrrect amount to have the level on the dipstick at the maximum. You have a choice, repair the head gasket (if there is coolant in the oil, the bottom end needs rebuilt also) which is around,$300-$1000 depends if a garage or you do it, the problem with doing a head gasket is there is no garantee, if you replace the engine with a used engine you have a 90 day/ 1 year Overfill Oil by 1 litre - engine seems to now be shaking. STP® Smoke Treatment reduces exhaust smoke and engine noise, lowers oil consumption and protects against engine wear. Smoke was - Cars & Trucks question white smoke is burning coolant blue smoke is burning oil You have a blown gasket or seal somewhere leaking coolant into the engine and burning it. When I went to pump the oil into jugs to take to the recycling center I noticed that I only Hi all, I got told by my dealership that my engine oil was low on my MK2 Leon FR 2. Ensure you didn’t overfill the mower by checking the oil level with the dipstick located on the reservoir. help? Oil light came on the other day and i ended up putting in 2 litres of penrite into the 3. (Case of 12): Automotive - Amazon. I then noticed my fubar. Too much bla bla, lol. An immediate Acura RSX type S burning oil on cold start and puffs a decent amount of blue smoke. Fill it too much and the oil will splash around a bit. Burning oil when I start up R1200GS It doesn't seem to look like oil is burnng constantly (no blue smoke when I'm driving). 3L of engine oil with filter and 4. Over filling the oil can be a slight problem or a big problem depending on how much it was overfilled. 9 quarts of oil as per the owners manual. 9l V8 (95 LSE) and the oil light went away - 1 litre initially, but because it was still low, i put in another litre - i've subsequently belted myself around the head a few times. Compare the amount of fumes coming out to a known-good engine. * Crankcase overfill Take care not to fill your engine oil past the high mark on the dipstick. oz. Yes, you should change the oil and filter, even if it is burning oil. White smoke has nothing to do with too much oil in the engine. Black smoke, excess fuel According to the car manual, 4. 3/4 litre) and then I extracted the oil using a oil pump/extractor, replaced the oil filter and added 4. An indication of overfilling is white or blue smoke coming from the muffler when the engine is This post is a very late reply though. What Happens If You Put Oil in a Car's Gas Tank? If a little oil is poured into the gas tank of a car, it burns up in the engine cylinders, causing the car to produce blue smoke and run roughly until the oil is gone. The combustion chamber is the exception. In this article, you will learn what will happen if you are overfilling engine oil and learn what signs to look for. The next day she complained that the truck was pouring white smoke from the tailpipe while driving. Over a period of 10 minutes they managed to extract over 9 litres of oil - it should be 7. 6 TDCI, and it came back with the oil well over the top marker. Anyways, it's slightly above the middle so even with heat expansion/whatever I should still be good. They overfilled the oil by 3 quart! I did not notice it right away, I left the shop and the car was running normally (no smoke) but after a hard right turn, the car started to smoke like crazy and the engine started to run poorly. Oil from an overfill will find it's way in there via the crank breather just before the turbo. Changing the oil on a regular basis keeps your lawn mower's engine running smoothly. "A Lawn Mower That Leaks From an Overfill. oil every 600-800 miles. Started it again~White smoke and OIL shooting out the White smoke usually implies a fuel problem, as in someone put diesel in a gas engine. Pull the oil dipstick out of the engine and reinsert it firmly. DO NOT USE YOUR HAND. Or pretend that burnt oil smell is not coming from your engine. smog has been removed along time ago and blocked off, smoked before and after. The strongly recommended oil is 2 liters of Motorex Cross Power 4T 10W-60. 7. 2) Shake well. Oil leaking at the back of the engine may also cause the clutch to slip if the vehicle has a manual transmission. can anyone give me advice as I’ve got a long drive tomorrow and I’m sceptical of driving it many thanks What Causes Engine Oil to Blow-By Into the Air Filter Box? by Robert Moore An oil saturated air filter or a puddle of oil in your air filter box seems like a strange occurrence by all means considering that its the last thing you would expect to find. ??? And as far as I can remember all the comments on such mentioning of an overfill were always to drain the extra oil out of the engine to avoid problems ???? Q: My oil percentage popped up at 15%. there does not appear to be any oil on the spark plug. 7L of engine oil instead of 4. Which of the following would be a good method to pinpoint the leak? A) Install a fluorescent dye in the engine oil and operate the vehicle. Blue smoke after oil change engine so we shut her off. I would drain all the fuel and use fresh gas and see if it clears up. 6 serviced by the VW main dealer and it shows the oil level about 8mm over the max level. Never had this problem with an oil change, although I've never been dumb enough to overfill with oil either. 1L without filter. Gaskets (valve cover gasket) were just old and thus leaking oil onto other parts of the engine which in turn caused the smell and smoke. Not feeling great right now about ski. 5 quarts of Yamaha 10W-30 Marine engine oil. You MAY have oil pressure issues under very high g forces, but that's it. My car is a 07 Focus 1. Oil is an essential part of any engine, and your lawn mower is no exception. The level of damage depends on the amount of overfill. Excess oil will find its way into the air filter housing, soaking the filter and, eventually, getting into the combustion chamber causing smoky and uneven running of the engine, even fouling out spark plugs. Oil is the absolute lifeblood of any gasoline engine. 04-11-04 06:43 PM by Hyperite. Can you help me, I own an Audi A4 2. Poster had same engine with same problem as mine with same cure. Almost out of oil. I had a Lady fill an engine with oil till it was flush with the oil cap. Restart the engine and check for an oil leak. Ty for reponses. An overfilled Porsche can be messy, soaking an engine w/oil. For additional recommendations, see page 13. It's been sitting fairly flat, so I don't think that could be the problem. That is the exact symptoms. If you feel Excessive Abnormal Smoke through your car  2 Jan 2018 Knowing the most common engine oil overfill symptoms will help you Oil leaking from your car; Smell of burning engine oil; Smoke from the  In the case of bluish white smoke, the sump may have been overfilled with oil, Another cause of the smoke could be that the oil originally in the engine was a  Blue smoke is a clear sign your car engine is burning oil. (there is definitely no visible blue or black smoke coming out) I'm sure the comments will be flowing in about how I'm an idiot and cant do an oil change, but would appreciate any help. Any suggestions? required). 0 chevy, overfilled oil on a 2004 dodge cummins, overfilled silverado engine oil, what happens if a dealership overfill your transmission fluid a 2008 dodge avenger, what happens if i over fill cummins 6. I do have a minor front seal leak that only leaks when the oil level is full. An indication of overfilling is white or blue smoke coming from the muffler when the engine is running. When I worked for GM the Cadillac Northstar engines oil pump would sometimes lose there prime and to prime those engines we had to overfill the crankcase with oil. Overfill by a litre, about 15mm on the stick and then you're in trouble. Smoke (such as white smoke) coming out of the engine compartment or exhaust pipe is another symptom. i'd doubt any seal damage would occur. However if you did overfill your engine with too much oil you need to drain the excess oil out because it can cause severe engine damage. When I asked how the entire oil supply could be dry without a drop of oil on the floor he said, " It probably blew or burned off as you were driving. The capacity is 3/4qt. Check oil level regularly. The crankshaft turns the oil into a foam, kind of like the head on a beer, and that is what circulates through the oil Ford - Oil overfill - should I worry?. Blue smoke is oil burning, white steam/smoke is coolant burning, it will be a sweet smell. I'd clean up as much of the oil from the underside of the car as you can (liberal amounts of brake cleaner and some rags should do it), then change the oil making sure you're not overfilled, and look for the leak to re-appear. One sign to look out for is a white/grey exhaust smoke. Additionally, the lower rotating assembly can wind through the oil, foam, and mist (usually not a problem with windage trays) and stir up a lot of crap, meaning you'll see too much oil on the cylinder walls, leading to blue smoke, sometimes you'll have too much upper end oil due to poorer drainage. RAY: So I'd say a warm oil change is a little bit better. Others may chime in, but I would NOT be adding oil or fuel additives. I took it for a slow drive around the block and the blue smoke seemed to stop. Use Briggs & Stratton SAE 30W Oil above 40°F (4°C) for all of our engines. A quality 10w40 semi-synthetic or a 5w40 fully synthetic is a better oil to use. Ford Dealer overfilled oil in my Fusion by double the amount. My 98 25hp briggs engine will do this the first time is start it each season. Have someone follow you on a level road while you accelerate rapidly, and see if they report blue smoke. This is my guess too. It then ran without any smoke for about 2 minutes until I shut it down. worn valve guides will cause the engine to burn oil as will defective piston rings. If this does happen, the crankcase ventilation valve can pull in some of that foam and end up burning it. Stop Blue Exhaust Smoke Reduce Oil Consumption Reinforced with Synthetic Polymers One Dosage Stops Smoking & Oil Burning Safe & Easy to Use, and Works Quickly Best Repair Formula Money Can Buy Synthetic Blend, for All Engines INSTRUCTIONS: 1) Turn engine off. I dunno. YACT: overfill engine oil. Shut the car off and blue smoke went away, did not drive the car for one week. Categories. SimpleCarAnswers. Oh btw, the ktm has a magnetic drain plug, 2 oil filters and 2 oil screens. Incorrect  6 Aug 2019 Huge Plume of Blue Smoke Billowed out When Starting Engine. Breaking in the engine seats piston rings and burns off residual oil that may have coated I drove 10 minutes (about 1 -2 miles) to a garage at low speed who found the fault which was totally unrelated to oil level. It had a giant cloud of blue smoke around it. I filled up to maximum (c. Honda 4 cylinders are famous for burning oil. Blue smoke is caused by engine oil being burnt by the engine. Please help, I got my 911 SC 3. It is one of the best engine oil stop leak additives on the market. Diesel engine runaway – the biggest risk of oil overfill blowing out smoke and oil from muffler lawnflite 906 with B S Engine correction Murray I have a lawnflite ride on mower and when I started it up white smoke and oil came out of the briggs & stratton engine muffler it ran for a few moments then stopped. An overfull oil reservoir may also cause white or blue smoke. Not sure that overfilling will cause too much 'oil pressure' but it will put extra strain on oil seals causing them to leak, new seals are not expensive but stripping down the engine to replace them will cost a fortune. General. Some common symptoms are oil leaks from the engine and blue smoke  28 Apr 2018 Overfilling can cause light blue smoke, as the oil can churn, whip, and I overfilled my car's engine with engine oil, can that harm my engine? 15 Aug 2017 Q: My oil percentage popped up at 15%. Yes, it’s easier to just ignore the small puddle of oil forming under your car. quote"Mine does it when i overfill with oil. Blue smoke does tend to indicate oil being burnt, but before you condem the engine internals, check the air intake. When putting oil in your engine, wait patiently for it to make its way down into the crankcase. I picked the car up from the garage and after driving about 15 miles, nice and warmed up, it started blowing blue smoke out the exhaust but only when starting off eg, waiting at the lights, doesn't do it when you start the engine although there is a really light wisp of smoke. white smoke is burning coolant blue smoke is burning oil You have a blown gasket or seal somewhere leaking coolant into the engine and burning it. Oil Overfill--Enough to Be Concerned Platinum Blue, 176k mi 06 E320 CDI "Rutherford", Black, 146k mi 18_010 JUN 90 Engine - Oil Filter Precaution For Gasket/O Technical and mechanical Q&A about Studebaker cars and trucks Things worked out fine! Photo from this morning. I have about 6000 miles on the oil and the level has not moved. I noti Engine still making oil. If you have white smoke you may already have damage. If oil continues to leak, remove the oil tank and sump and replace the gasket underneath. But, it might be a good idea to take some oil out if you think that you overfilled. Car-doctor. 8 quarts with filter change. localgod11-- if you went 3. while driving I checked the engine oil it smells gas I took it to the dealer he said the oil has gas in it and Re: 3300 psi pressure washer blows smoke Just for fun I tried running a 50:1 mix of Stihl regular (orange bottle) 2-Cycle Engine Oil in an old Briggs & Stratton L Head (valves in block) engine. Topic: Xr 250 dilemmas (blowing blue smoke) Author: xr500rc Posted: 06/18/2007 7:01:53 PM I have a 1996 xR250 and it is blowing blue smoke- but it is not using any oil? it has been rebuilt less than an hour ago and it is very confusing! is there any idas why it would be doing this- it only blows smoke after it is thougoughly warmed up For optimum performance, you should change the oil in your small engine after the first five hours of use and then annually, or every 50 hours of use (whichever comes first). Learning the right way to change lawnmower oil ensures you can do proper lawn mower maintenance without making a huge mess. White or blue smoke may be emitted during the initial break-in period of a new John Deere lawn tractor. If the unit has too much oil, the excess will burn off and create white smoke. Over fill by a qt, and you will have issues at ALL times. 12. Watch the temp and oil pressure guages (or dummy light if so equipped) while doing this. not that big of a deal. With modern engines, either two- or four-stroke, there should be no reason to see smoke from the exhaust. New Yanmar with 200 hours last season. I once overfilled an old Kawasaki engine in a mower by accident, and was relieved to find out how easy the fix was. Blue smoke is probably oil. The Blue Devil is a mature product as it has been accepted by hundreds of consumers. The crankshaft turns the oil into a foam, kind of like the head on a beer, and that is what circulates through the oil I'd be very surprised if they didn't build in an idiot tolerance for overfilling. In both cases they let oil into the intake of the engine. Oil pressure may be tested by removing the oil pressure sending unit and installing a pressure gauge. Basically, if you overfill your oil, the crankshaft can come in contact with the oil, causing it to bubble and foam. If the oil is not the correct type or viscosity, it could also bypass the rings on the piston or valve seals and end up in the combustion chamber. There weren't any leaks or oil spots on the unit or the driveway but all of that oil had to go somewhere and THAT is what bothers me. I did an oil change, myself, making sure not to overfill. Created by Blue Devil – who’ve been around for years and have developed an excellent reputation for delivering exceptional products – this is one of the most trusted auto additives you’re likely to find. if you have a lift kit, the level will vary. The presence of blue smoke is an indication of burning oil. also, by WAY overfilling your pipes smoke, combustion chambers get full of carbon deposits as do spark plugs, pinging, fouling, etc etc. The slight trembling from the engine when cold could be down to a glow plug, which could also be responsible for white smoke. Rather than swallow the two grand hit for an overhaul, he dumped two litres of Ametech (Engine Restore Oil) into the sump. Oil pressure testing should be done at normal operating temperature. Here's a video: Usually, too much oil runs the risk of foaming, and reducing output, as well as increasing wear. Apart from a lot of smoke - Answered by a verified Audi Mechanic Why does over-filling with oil damage an engine? if you thrash the engine, the oil froths up, forces its way past the pistons, which results in piston ring damage and great clouds of smoke Blue color indicates burning oil. A good way to see if your timing is retarded is on a cold start, rev the motor to 1,800 RPM. Is using too much engine oil and next to driving belt there is visible oil and I do If you over fill you sump too much you start to have a problem of your engine . I recently purchased a 9 kilowatt generator running on a 17hp Briggs and Stratton engine which ran pretty well when I first bought it except for a little white smoke. However the car continues to smoke especially when driving uphill (this happens only when the engine is fully warmed up). " I have not noticed any blue smoke from the tail pipe, but I find this hard to believe. Overfilling the engine oil. Smelled the engine at first. The dark blue smoke normally indicates excessive oil burn. Why you see Blue Smoke From Exhaust. This will cause the oil to be saturated with air. It's $16 a liter. Paniced and overfilled it up with 5lt of Halfrauds 5w40 and got blue smoke on the way home while overtaking (thought it was 5lt for the engine). Could it be possible that the car blows blue smoke if oil is over filled at the fill. Your engine may be near the end of its useful service life. There shouldnt be any reason that the turbo Hi, Unfortunately my partner has overfilled her getz oil by a ridiculous amount (I drained over 3 litres to get it to below the full mark). The generator ran great after changing the gasoline. Air filter still crystal clear. Using the trimmer 2 cycle mix in the mower gas tank is a common mistake too, it won't produce the dramatic white smoke like engine oil though. The Blue Devil company, which developed the product, has been in business for years. Blue smoke is usually burning oil. Hi All, I had my car serviced by a Ford Dealer last week and Ive just checked the oil level and I have noticed that the oil level is over the maximum mark. Started burning oil, not due to an overfill. On each cold start, in park, heavy puff of blue smoke emits from exhaust. White(Blue) Smoke, Oil Overfill? 6LPA-STP: jumpjet231 : 1 - 05-Oct-09 Original Post : 05-Oct-09 : I recently changed my oil with a pump out bucket. The mechanic stated I had oil in the intercooler but they didn’t think my turbo was going bad. Shake well. Any time there is a huge overfill ,it will pressurise in the crankcase,and oil will be picked up by the cylinders,and it will burn as it is more than the rings will normally handle . The same thing can happen if you overfill your oil reservoir, and it has the same White Smoke on Start - Overfilled Oil Service & Maintenance. In general, Blue smoke, engine oil. What Happens When a Car Is Overfilled With Oil? Credit: Getty Images North America/Getty Images News/Getty Images Topping off the oil in a vehicle to the point that it overflows can cause the additional oil in the oil pump to build pressure on the seal on the rear main bearing. On checking the level (after leaving overnight), the oil level is at the midway point of the se White smoke or semi white can be produced in several ways. I was pulling the lawn roller yesterday and the tractor was running fine after about a half hour, the tractor started blowing blue smoke and sputtering (Blue smoke was heavy and thick) I shut it down immediately. This excess oil then gets burnt and emitted as blue smoke. Note: Checked the oil the other day after it was sitting cold for quite some time and found it almost dry so I added about 3 quarts to it. 9 oz. And it was a lot! I figured that I overfilled it. If you overfill the oil the some of it will get past the oil rings as they are overwhelmed and the engine will smoke a little bit. An engine is leaking oil, but no exact leak source is found with a careful inspection. B) Overfill the crankcase by adding two extra quarts and force the leak to get larger. I obviously did not overfill the oil as the oil did not even register on the dip stick. I noticed a puff of blue smoke when I first cranked up my new Ascent. Worn cylinder and/or rings I noticed that 5. Ask her if she filled your car with "gas" and if she remembers the handle on the fuel nozzle being green. The oil thins out when it is cold and some could escape into the cylinder and be burnt. Blue-gray or gray-white smoke usually means the engine is burning oil. The odd part is that it hasnt done it anymore. This result is a bit of blue smoke out of the back. I suggest drain the engine of all oil and gas and start it again. Blown head gasket. Topped up my oil by way too much today in my S3 8V and while driving in Dynamic had a lot of white smoke coming from the exhaust. The full mark is the maximum fill line, not the level at which the oil has to be. Worn engine (low compression) Water or petrol contamination of the diesel fuel. The excess oil was removed after I noticed large plumes of blue smoke issue from the tailpipe. The oil level when cold is showing as halfway up the top tear drop. As blue smoke points towards burning oil . The new HG fixed it, so I do have some experience with that type repair. Advice concerning Overfill of Engine oil. It is my first time attempting oil and filter change :) engine oil overfill My landrover disco 3 was overfilled by 30mm on the dipstick above the max line. In certain states, it’s illegal to drive a smoking This mower was overfilled with oil. Frequent oil changes are the best preventive maintenance you can give your VW Scooter emitting blue smoke when hot. I just bought a 5L 10W-30 castrol engine oil. Engine Restore Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia * Cure Blue Smoke and exhaust emissions * Restore Compression * Reduce Oil Consumption * Restore Horsepower and Torque * Improve KM/L * Improve cold starting ability * Prolong Engine Life * Reducing CO emissions and extending the useable life of old engines Call/SMS : 012-3266815 Oil Leak Causes and How To Fix Them. That means I poured about 4. Excess oil could leak into the combustion chamber. Note: this is a general repair guide. Should I drain some out or is this amount of overfill ok? I've got no knocking noises when running and no black smoke from the exhaust. When I did the oil change I also did the hydro oil and I ran the mower to bleed the hydros then it was dinner time so I forgot. There is a bit left in the 5L bottle. with oil would be blue smoke, not white. Next day, the oil light in the brand new car comes on and so I stop in at my Help - I overfilled engine oil I wasn't comfortable heating the motor that much as I had read that noobs who miss their oil-pan can get splattered in hot engine oil. I noticed it after my 12000 mile service, however as I hadn't ridden it much between an accident where part of the engine was (left side) was replaced including much of the exhaust system. The fix - drain the gas tank and refill with fresh gas, run the engine to clear the system. Having read L'escargot's efforts to remove excess oil, I am wondering, is it a problem if the oil is overfilled? I recently had an 'extra' (6,000 m) oil/filter service on my 1. White or blue smoke may indicate an oil spill on the engine. Oil can also produce blue smoke and unpleasant odors if it drips onto a hot exhaust Update: I have been monitoring the engine oil level closely. The turbo seals could be dribbling. And the cold engine blue smoke puff generally indicates to valve seals to be worn. 4 S engine oil renewed I noticed from the dipstick level that it was overfilled. I know I did not overfill it with oil so I would like to take off the exhaust manifold off to inspect the turbo and PCV systems. Had 2 different shops check over the engine completely, no leaks anywhere. 3L. After filling the engine with oil, screw the oil filler cap/dipstick in and I've overfilled the oil in my audi A4 and think I may have damaged the catalytic converter. Oil leaks can leave greasy, ugly stains on your driveway, but the real danger is potential engine damage or failure if your engine runs low on oil. I then took it for another drive, a bit harder this time and could see a heap of blue smoke coming out of the exhaust when on boost, so much so that the street behind me was a filled with smoke. It has to do with severe engine damage due to a lack of oil pressure. If you experience any bogging whatsoever, or any white/blue smoke out of your exhaust, do this ASAP, as you DO have "too much" oil and are oversaturating your engine. My car’s engine was overfilled with oil by one quart two months ago. This will cause smoke in your tail-pipe, and, yes, residue from burnt oil. Why am I getting blue smoke from the tail pipe? It gets heavier with the more gas I give it. overfill engine oil blue smoke

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