Maternal-Infant Bonding – The basis of human sociability.

FelicityStockwellMaternalInfantBondingFelicity Stockwell, who is well known for her study of  The Unpopular Patient, and her career as a Mental Health nurse, shares her knowledge and understanding about the foundation of the ‘social aspects’ of being human, termed  Maternal-Infant Bonding. (This will be called Bonding hereafter), and relates this to care of those with Mental Health disorders.

 Textbooks pay scant attention to Bonding, and although there is much evidence for the facts, they can only be found for small particulars across many different disciplines. There is evidence in published papers for all of the facts presented on this site, and all the science has been corroborated, but referencing has not been possible with this medium.

The site offers a commentary account of this very complex process, drawing on all the ‘human’ sciences, and on my extensive personal experience, to explain human sociability, with all its pleasures and pains.

(J.Bowlby defined attachment and D.W.Winnicot defined adaptation and they both recognised the formation of a bond between mother and baby, but they focused on the mother rather than on what happens within the infant. The actual Bonding Process is initiated in the baby’s brain as a result of the mother’s on going interactions with the baby from the moment of birth.)

The first pages provide the knowledge base accounts of Bonding.

The later pages give accounts of selectively applying the understandings in various professional situations.  There are also many other articles of relevant interest itemized in the Index, that can be downloaded.

    (I have used Nursing in General, and Mental Health Nursing in particular, as the exemplars for applying understandings about Bonding, because that is my area of expertise. I have to hope that there is enough information for others to make connections in their own areas of interest, because it is relevant everywhere.)

(Last edited March 2018)